The Modern-Day Fundamentals of Selecting A Quality Private Label Perfume Manufacturer

With the perfume industry expected to reach a net worth of 40.91B by the year 2025 (a 3.9% increase from 2019), it stands to reason why so many newcomers are avidly seeking full-service contract manufacturing professionals to gain traction within the competitive market. Even perfume brands that have already made a reputable name for themselves continuously scope out perfume manufacturers to expand their customer base and gain that much-desired brand loyalty to skyrocket bottom-line growth. In a nutshell, we here at Privé have seen it all and enjoy every minute supporting fragrance brands of all sizes obtain new levels of success with our quality-assured, turn-key private label services.

But here’s the zinger.

Though Prive’s entire foundation is based on authenticity, integrity, and trust, the cold hard truth is that not all perfume manufacturers are created equal. Sure, our team may have no place for misguidance, ambiguity, or misdirection, but that is unfortunately not the golden standard across the board. Now, this reality may leave you feeling uneasy and nervous as you enter headfirst into your fragrance branding/rebranding venture, which is entirely justified. But hopefully by the end of this insider-rich piece, you will feel much more prepared to select the ideal full-service contract manufacturing asset to fulfill your objectives and confident you will not get burned from it along the way.

Burn-WorthyTactics/Schemes to Be Aware Of

For starters, knowing the red flags to look out for is pinnacle to understanding what to avoid when seeking a private label perfume manufacturer. Some of these tactics and schemes can be quite discreet to secretly improve the lucrative company gains rather than enhance their clients' successes. Because of that, it is vital that you are diligent about digging under the surface and reading in between the contract lines so you are completely aware of what you are signing up for. With that being said, some of those burn-worthy strategies that tons of manufactures use to cut corners and get the best prices to benefit just themselves include:

  • Not Offering Custom Boxes: Many manufacturers slim down their costs by either not offering boxes at all or using a cookie-cutter box template that illuminates no authentic or genuine value for you to stand out against the competition. Keep an eye out for this feature (or lack of feature) and go with companies like Privé where we print fully tailored, soft touched luxury boxes from scratch.
  • Using Cheap Components: There is nothing worse than getting a decent design, only to find out that the bottle made or the sprayer doesn't spray as expected. Cheap components may decrease your spending, but it will surely become the catalyst for your brand to receive a bad reputation amongst the public. Alternatively, we may cost a bit more, but that is because we only utilize the top-quality components (i.e., leak-free sprayers, crystal clear glass, and premium perfume oil) to give your products an award-winning functionality – an initial investment that will pay itself back quickly due to your bolstered recognition as a luxury name.
  • Low-Quality Printing or Misaligned Stickers: Make sure to inquire how the full-service contract manufacturing process handles their printing services. Poor quality printing or misaligned stickers will only make you look sloppy as a professional and deter customers away. Instead, go with a custom bottle manufacturer that screen prints their perfume bottles as we do at Privé, which is the same standard procedure used on big brand perfumes.
  • False Design Mock-Ups: Never trust a private label perfume manufacturer that gives you mock-up that looks too good to be true. It can be tricky to catch this early on, but you may be able to opt out of the contract if the mock-up they gave you does not match what they actually produced. To avoid this from happening at all, make sure to get a prototype piece made to ensure your full production will meet your expectations.
  • Licensed Only Perfume Manufacturers: You may come across a manufacturer that only works with licenses, which may be great for well-established brands but not for the ones just starting out. Even more, if you do sell your license to them, you forfeit partial control over your production process, which is not exactly favorable.
  • On the other side, contract manufacturers like Privé will simply ask for your requirements and deliver you exactly what you need, ranging from the scent itself, the components to the packaging. As a final note here, remember that average projects (if done with luxury standards) can cost anywhere from 10K to 25K, with 100K being the high for more custom bottle projects. That means that if a company offers you much less than that and it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.

Key Questions to Ask Prospected (Cheaper) Perfume Manufacturers

Let’s say that you did find a cheaper perfume manufacturer and they do seem legit. In these cases, make sure to ask them these questions before signing up for anything to solidify your confidence you are indeed making the right choice to advance your brand’s future.

  • Can a prototype sample be made first? - If they say no, then that is your cue to look elsewhere. Never invest your company’s funds blindly and be 100% sure you are getting the product you need. A prototype may be an additional cost
  • Am I allowed to meet you at your facility? - Though it is not a mandatory practice, taking a trip to look around the actual facility can help you see firsthand what the conditions are like before spending thousands. Along with scoping out the structure and cleanliness, ask to see their previous work in person, not just their online portfolio.
  • What is the total cost shipped to us? - Frequently, manufacturers (especially ones overseas) will wait to the very end of the collaboration to inform you about your shipping costs and duties. Because of that, be sure to ask this question up front so you know what it will cost you from start to finish without any adverse surprises.
  • Does the perfume come with custom packaging? - Tying into the red flag point on boxes above, make sure that the manufacturer’s cheaper rates are not because they are skimping out with custom packaging or boxing. Your perfume’s image is your customer’s first impression and can be the make or break of your reputation. So, this is one area that is not worth sacrificing regardless if it could save you a bit.

Bring your product to market quickly with our turn-key solution

The truth is that there are many full-service contract manufacturing resources out there that can help you powerhouse your way to success in the ever-evolving market, and we just so happen to be one of them. Overall, our team here at Privé is committed to raising the standards bar for our clients through our completely custom designs that provoke new waves of invested attraction and brand pedestaling. Part of our keen reputation stems from our instilled mission for excellence and our commitment to delivering statement-making results using entire team brainstorming sessions and transparent client collaborations. The other part comes from our industry-shaking offering featuring a much lower barrier to enter (500 bottles) than other leading companies, allowing our start-up clients to gain the most effective head start during their early developmental stages.

However, where there are good assets like us, there are also bad ones as well. In summary, discovering and working with a qualified private label perfume manufacturer is all about practicing due diligence. You have to be willing to be your own biggest advocate, refrained from settling, and devoted to the intensive screening process to ensure you get the opulent services you deserve from branding blueprints to distribution. Because if there is one thing you should not go cheap or light on, it is your branding. In the end, as long as you follow the guidelines listed above and are mindful of the hidden tactics that can hinder your progress rather than help it, then your future as a branded fragrance leader is one you should have nothing to worry about.

Do you have a question, comment, or concern? Alternatively, are you ready to take on the fragrance market with our white glove services? If so, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to being a part of your company’s dominating success!